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To the Nalychevo Nature Park through Avachinsky Pass

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Petropavlovsk-Kamchatky - Avachinsky volcano - Nalychevo valley - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatky.

Type of the trip: trekking
Days: 13 days/14 nights
Time: July 15th - September 10th

 Nalychevo Nature Park

Nalychevo Nature Park is included in UNESCO's World Heritage List. Nalychevo has a complex geological construction and fascinating history of volcanic and hydrothermal activity. The thermal springs have healthful internals. Nalychevo is famous for the surrounding snow-capped volcanoes, rivers full of salmon, mineral and thermal springs, rich vegetation and abundant wildlife. We invite you to participate in the trekking to the active volcanoes: Avachinsky 2750 m and Dzenzur 2285 m. This route lies along a good path and every 12-20 km there are huts to sleep in. Close to the Nalychevskie thermal springs there is a Priyut with a radio station and a helicopter pad.

Day 1. Meeting at the airport Elizovo. Transfer to the recreation base, lodging in the rooms for 2 persons of the double block with common toilet room.  Accommodation, resting and swimming in the pool with hot thermal water.  Paratunka is the recreation zone which is located in 30 km  from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatky. Its territory is about 30km lies along the Paratunka River and its tributaries. It is crossed by the motor-way. Many rest homes, recreation bases, sanatoriums and Children's Camp are here. It is famous for a great number of hot thermal springs. Each sanatorium, rest home, recreation base has its own swimming pool.

Day 2. Drive to the Avachinsky Priyut.  Overnight in the tents.

Nalychevo Nature ParkDay 3. Ascent Avachinsky volcano (2741 m), start at 6-7 hrs in the morning. Avachinsky belongs to the most active volcanoes of the peninsula. This ancient volcano appeared more then 10 000 years ago and was destroyed after catastrophic eruption. The caldera of 4 km in diameter was formed where the modern cone of  Avachinsky volcano began to grow. After the last eruption of Avachinsky volcano in 1991 in January produces lava flows, a dome and mudflows. Avachinsky constantly steams but despite its activity is accessible for tourists. It takes even untrained, aged or young tourists only 10 hours both ends. You'll see a magnificent view from the top: the Avacha Bay and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatky, Vilyuchinsk and Mutnovsky volcanoes on the South, Nalychevo valley, Zhupanovsky and Dzenzur volcanoes on the North, unbounded Pacific Ocean to the East and Opala volcano to the West.

Day 4. Taking food for 2 days tourists walking to valley of the Pravoya Sedlovinskaya River through the Avachinsky Pass (1268m) which is located between  Koryaksky and Avachinsky volcanoes. Camping. We trek 23 km.

Day 5. Trekking to Nalychevskie thermal springs through the Koryaksky volcano's offshoots and coming to the valley of Shumnaya River. Trip through the river to the cold Aagskiye mineral water springs. The deposits of this mineral springs trace on the bottom of the brook and beaches for 1 km. In variety of water and gas it closes to Caucasus. From Aagskiye mineral water springs the path reaches to Nalychevskie thermal springs - 26 km, accommodation in wooden cabins, bathing in hot springs.

Day 6. This is a day of rest in the Nalychevsky Priyut. The volcanic activity gives rise to formation of tremendous geothermal  and cold mineral springs. Nalychevskie are the only known example in the world with such carbonaceous, arsenic and boric concentrations. Nalychevo valley is covered from all sides by mountainous and volcanoes which produced microclimatic conditions. Not far from it Goryacherechenskie thermal springs are located, equipped wooden lodges.

Day 7. Day trip to the Talovskiye hot-springs (12 km). They located on the foot of Dzenzur volcano. The trek isn't difficult, it takes 3 hours. The path is light  and easy. Overnight in a wooden lodge

Day 8. Trekking  to Dzenzur volcano we make only with food for cooking. We go by path to the narrow picturesque  crack of Zhelob brook. Coming up to the brook tourists visit the waterfall. Two hours later tourists coming to the fumarole's territory where the temperature of gas streams is such high that allows to heat the food (if you have a knack). Small lake is also here. But it's not for swimming. From this territory the path goes to saddleback between  Dzenzur  and Yurievsky volcanoes. A wonderful view to Zhupanovsky and Karimsky volcanoes and valley of Zhupanova River. Back way. The trek is about 30 km.

Day 9. Trekking back to Nalychevsky Priyut.

Day 10. We trek through Pinachevsky Pass (1160 m) to Perevalniy Priyut. Hiking from this side is rather steep but its only 200m. Descent to the valley of the river Pinachevka through stones. It takes 3 km to occur  in Perevalniy Priyut. Day trip is 22km.

Day 11. We trek to Pinachevo Village whole day, there a truck will pick us up and transfer to Paratunka. Accommodation in the recreation base, swimming in hot thermal springs.

Day 12. Excursion along Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, places of interests, Museum of Regional Studies, fishing market. Free time.

Day 13. Drive to the airport for your departure home.

The following is included:

  • all transportation
  • services of the attending personal (a guide, a cook, an interpreter)
  • accommodation in the recreation base and hotel, reservation of the room
  • registration, payment of license, any fees
  • camping gear except sleeping bag and mat
  • full board en route
  • Excursion along Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, tickets to the Museum of Regional Studies

The following is not included:

  • Alcoholic beverages. Cigarette, post's services, avia tickets, insuarance

Accommodation on the route for 2-, 3-, 4- persons of the tents, at the route you are offered fresh prepared  dishes. We provide all camping gear except sleeping bag and mat.

Note: This itinerary is a guide only. Any day's schedule can be changed at the group's request or according to the weather conditions.
Additional information:

Each tourist is necessary  to haverucksack, sleeping bag and sleeping mat; a spoon, a cup;  walking boots must be well broken-in, of correct fit and comfortable to give the ankle support, proofing wax, waterproofs (jacket and trousers), socks, thick sweater/fleece jacket, wool or polarfleece hat and sunhat/visor, gloves,  sunglasses/sun protection/sunblock,  insect repellent and a Mosquito Net, your personal belongings

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