Recommendations to the traveling

Recommendations to the travelingThe necessary Equipment for traveling in Kamchatka during summer.

An unreliable weather and temperature fluctuates don't allowed to limit you luggage during the trip. The climate of the peninsula can give the surprises: stormy winds, cold rains and morning frosts.   First of all we recommend you to have comfortable sleeping bag (SB) with zipper and hood. In SB you must feel comfortable in temperature from - 5  -15 C. You SB should be rated for 3 to 4 season use and Gore-Tex covering, a cotton or linen liner helps to keep your bag clean. Sleeping mat. The length of your sleeping mat must be equal to the length of your height. Foot-wear. Walking boots must be well broken-in, of correct fit and comfortable to give the ankle support. Leather is the most suitable for, or for people who prefer a more lightweight boot, cordura/leather boots which have Gore-Tex or simpatex proofing. Proofing wax. For rafting is better to have hose with sandals or   lightweight walking shoes atop socks.  Sandals or lightweight walking shoes are useful around camp or as a back up pair of walking shoes. For fishing is very important to have rainboots for river crossing. Gaiters are of importance for mountaineering to protect from stones, sands and for crossing the wet terrain. Long, warm, water and windproof  jacket  with hood and syntactic filling, belt and turnup. Comfortable sport trousers  from quick dry light material. Light waterproof  jacket and trousers are better from Gore-Tex. As it is best to protect you against rain and wind, stop from overheating and Mosquito bites. Bright thick sweater or fleece jacket - is necessary when nights are pretty cold at altitudes. Make sure that your waterproof jacket is loose enough to wear over your sweater or fleece. Down jacket may be of use after sunset when the temperature drops. Shirts and 2-3 T-shirts preferably with collar and one long-sleeved shirt. UnderwearHeaddress - to your choice: hat or panama, fleece or wool cap or sunhat/visor.  Socks - it is best to wear 2 pairs of liner socks under a pair of fairly thick loop stitch socks that helps to protect you against blisters. Avoid nylon and cotton socks as they can cause blisters. A pair thermal gloves (polypropylene or chlorofibre) and 1 pr of wool or fleece gloves which fit over the thermal gloves. Gore-Tex mitts are also suitable. Swimming suit. ScarfWipe. Light rainproof coat against strong rains and covering you with rucksack. Toiletries. Torch/headlamp - it is essential to have such things for finding things at nights, etc; Remember to bring some spare batteries. Sunglasses/sun protection/sunblock. Insect repellent and a Net. Camera and film. Notebook and pen. Sewing kit. Penknife.

Rucksack. Large enough to hold all your personal belongings, including sleeping bag and sleeping mat; waterproof; with an effective waist harness and comfortable shoulder straps for extended trekking; minimum 60-65 liters capacity. For hermetic is better to have  waterproof bag to pack the rucksack.  It is also useful to have one holdall or kit bag to store luggage not needed on trek, 30 liter capacity. The weight of your rucksack bulk down to a minimum as the baggage allowance is 20 kg on most flights. For trekking routes the weight of your rucksack is no more than 80 -100 liters. Our guide always  has Basic First Aid - Insect repellent and a Net Kit - blister protection, medication for stomach upset, unti-histamines. But if you use special medicines take its with yourself, consulting before with your doctor.

You need to have passport and insurance. In case of not having insurance our company gives it to you for extra pay. Before trip you'll have a briefing.

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