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Vilyuchinsky-Rodnikova thermal springs

Vilyuchinsky-Rodnikova thermal springsExcursion to the Vilyuchinsky-Rodnikova thermal springs leaves the bright sign in your memory. 2hrs from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky you drive to the direction of the valley of Vilyuchi river. The brook Spokoiny is from the left side and snowy summit of Vilyuchinsky volcano is behind it. If it's your first time during tundra blooming you'll charming with green vegetation: fields of pink rhododendrons, Lady Slippers, Kamchatka Lily, larkspur, fireweed, monkshood.   Vast expanses of tundra and mountainous peaks, glacial landscapes, richness and diversity of flora and fauna it's just a small part of that fantastic nature that surrounding you. When tundra finishes and road turns down to the left you occur in alders cedar.

During the descent to the valley you see a 30-m waterfall in the canyon of the river Vilyuchi. Stone birch trees grow right on the hills. The path in the hill goes down and down. Half an hour later and you are on the valley of Vilyuchi river. The path again disappears in the high  alders cedar and result in bridge near the springs. Natural pools are located on the down part of spring. The recreational cabins are near a local ski club. Local headquarters left the hot springs in their pristine state and built alongside several charming wooden changing rooms and outhouse. There are 2 not large pools with healing hot water. One pool is for 4-5 persons. The place is very cozy and picturesque. Whatever your pleasure, from truly wild to a spa experience, Kamchatka's "tamed" hot water is one of the most unique experiences on the peninsula.

Vilyuchinsky-Rodnikova thermal springs


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