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North and South breaches of Tolbachik Big Split eruption

 Northern and Southern outbreaks of the grand Cleft Tolbachik eruptionNorth breach of Tolbachik Big Split eruption are a chain of cones streachering to the south from the foot of Plosky Tolbachik volcano. The name of breaches appeared after the great Tolbachik fissure eruption of  1975-76. 18km from the base of Tolbachik , the benefit performance, the birth of new volcano took place. Black cliffs moved apart with a roar, a fissure opened and fiery fountains shot up upward and swaying wall of lowing jets and vortexes o ash, cinder and liquid lava grew along the fissure. In the place of fissure appeared cones reached a height of 300m above.

The strongest eruptions were from  three highest cones. This area was named North breach of Tolbachik Big Split eruption. South breach of Tolbachik Big Split eruption formed 10km south of cones.  It started to erupt flows of liquid basaltic lava. Explosions in its crater followed each other without any interval liberating volcanic gases. Fiery lava flows ran like streams and rivers forming waves on its surface. The famous North and South breaches lasted successfully for over 11 months. Lava flows burned the forest down and left 40 km2 of desert. All forests devastated at that time.  Now it's the territory of high population between tourists. Now sparse wood grew up on basaltic lava flows of the South breach. On the North breach the thickets of creeping small cedar did not revive. Zone of slag cones reminds the moon scenery view and rises for tests space machines.


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