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Nature Park "Nalychevo"

Nature Park  "Nalychevo"Nalychevo Nature Park - first state conservation It was formed on the 18-th of august 1995. Located in the picturesque valley of the Nalycheva River, the nature park of the same name is the reservation of untouched nature. On the territory of more than 287 155 hectares there are a lot of unique places which need special protection.

The park boasts beautiful mountain, tundra and coastal landscapes. A ring of active and dormant volcanoes encircles the expansive valley of the Nalycheva River. The four active volcanoes are Joupanovsky (2,927 m), Dzendzour (2,156 m), Avachinsky (2,741 m) and Koryaksky (3,456 m) - one of the highest volcanoes on Kamchatka, which last erupted in 1956.

More than a hundred thermal springs (with temperatures from 14 to 74C) and cold mineral springs are found over a relatively small area (about 40 km2) in a basin in the central part of the park. The most famous springs are the Nalychevsky, Talovsky, Shaibny, Kraevedchesky, Dzendury, and Shoumsky hot springs and the Aagsky and Koryaksy cold mineral springs. The large thermo-mineral water reserves of the Nalycheva River valley are thought to have important healing properties and can cure all types of ailments. The waters of the largest hot springs in Nalychevo are unique in their chemical composition. Only a handful of springs around the world have similar low acid or low alkaline waters with rare elements such as fluoride, bromine, iodine, lithium, rubidium, germanium, etc. The combination of recently formed landscapes of volcanic origin and relict landscapes formed by glaciers along with the specific microclimate of the Nalycheva River valley have resulted in an incredible richness of flora and fauna in the region. Plant communities growing near thermal springs are especially interesting. These include unique Erman birch forests as well as rare species of orchids such as the lovely yellow lady's slipper. Brown bear is the largest mammal of the 33 species that live in the park. Numerous bears can be seen in the upper reaches of the Nalycheva River - especially during salmon spawning and when berry thickets begin to ripen. The bighorn sheep, listed in the Russian Red Book of rare species, inhabits the slopes of volcanoes and rocky areas. There are 145 species of birds in the park. About 90 of these nest here, including six species listed in the Russian Red Book: black brant goose, Steller's sea eagle, white-tailed sea eagle, peregrine falcon, and golden eagle. Around 22 species of fish inhabit the rivers and lakes of Nalychevo Nature Park. All the species of salmon found in the Pacific spawn in the Nalycheva River. The most numerous and the most interesting for sport fishing are king salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon, red salmon, and coho salmon.

Nalychevo Nature Park is easily accessible by helicopter (a 15-20 minute flight from the center of the peninsula) or via a picturesque 44 km hiking trail. The Semyonov Environmental Education Center is located in the central part of the park. Here nature trails and camping areas have recently been built with funding from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Ecological Fund of the Kamchatka Region. Therapeutic thermal springs were equipped on the Goryachaya River and several wooden guesthouses were built. Radial one-day hiking routes begin here and lead to Vershinnoye Lake in the mountains and to Chistinsky Mineral Springs. Three-day routes lead to Talovsky and Kraevedchesky hot springs and to the Dzendzour Volcano. On the Nalycheva River, visitors can observe salmon spawning runs and go fishing or river rafting. Botanical and volcano tours can be arranged for interested groups. Excursions to observe rare species of animals and birds, including bighorn sheep and Steller's sea eagle, can also be organized.

The park is also an attractive vacation destination in winter. In early spring the Nalycheva Valley is blanketed in pure white snow under a clear blue sky. Skiers will enjoy cross-country and downhill skiing on the slopes of volcanoes around the valley.

All these attractions make the Nalychevo Nature Park an excellent destination for ecological tourism and ensure that visitors will have a fully enriching and memorable experience.


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