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Malinskaya-Bystraya River

Bystraya River flows in the central part of the peninsula. Bystraya river  is one of the largest river in the west coast and the second on the length in Kamchatka. The fishing area is 120km. It's width is from 20 to 40 m, in the lower part is from 50 to 100m. The speed of the flow is 0,5-2m/s, depth - 1 - 3m.  The temperature of the water is 5-8 ?C. the sources of the river are under Bakening volcano which located on the crossing of Ganalsky and Valaginsky Ranges. On the foot of Bakening three the most famous rivers: Kamchatka, Bystraya and Avacha are located.  Every year pacific salmon migrates up to, to spawn in its tributaries and mainstream. All five species of salmon make the journey: King salmon, sockeye salmon, chum salmon, Pink salmon, Silver salmon, Arctic char, kundzha, rainbow trout, grayling. The time of rafting is nor more then 8 hrs. Rafting through the majestic mountains of the Sredinnyi Khrebet along the river with rapids. Travel by river is a great way to view wildlife-waterfowl, nesting Steller sea eagles and End of rafting in the place of crossing the road  Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - village Oktyabrsky.


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