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Klyuchevskaya Volcano Group

   Klyuchevskaya Volcano Group gathered the group of 12 volcanoes round it. 3 volcanoes are active: Klyuchevskaya Sopka (4750m), Bezyimyanniy (3085m), Plosky Tolbachik (3085m),
Ushkovsky (3943m). Other volcanoes are extinct: Krestovsky, Kamen, Ovalnaya Zimina, Ostraya Zimina, Ostry Tolbachik, Bolshaya Udina, Malaya Udina, Sredny. Due to the long history of eruptions, a wide lava plateau has been formed. This is the largest and most powerful volcanic mass in all Russia. It's noticeably before 200km. Due to the long history of eruptions a wide lava plateau has been formed. The volcanic group towers in a huge massif with peaks from 1000m to 4850m. This territory occupies 376000 hectares with 400 cones from incidental eruptions, 47 glaciers, hundred of lava flows, craters. The peaks of Krestovsky, Kamen, Ushkovsky volcanoes are covered with glaciers, where numerous mountain streams are born. The streams create a net of waterfalls and rivers, large and small. This rushing mountain lows hollow out huge glacial caves and gorges. The rivers' valleys are occupied by coniferous trees of larch and spruce. Elfin cedar bushes and mountain tundra, Alpine meadows, stone plateau and glaciers are in he upper part.



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