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Valley of Geysers

Valley of GeysersOne of the oldest Reserves in Russia. Area - 1.007.100 ha.
Protected objects - plants - 600 species, birds - 212 species; the Valley of Geysers, Volcano Uzon Caldera, Kronotskoe Lake, 9 active volcanoes; 10 groups of thermal springs; the grove of Fur-tree Refined - is the only one of its kind in the world.

Initially, the Kronotsky Nature Reserve was founded to protect a small, predatory sable. Brown bear is undoubtedly the most popular animal of the area. Besides, red foxes with amazingly thick and bright fur, wolves and hares can be found. There on the lakes whistling swans spend winter, on the waterside rocks colonies of birds nest.

Fur-tree Refined is the most mysterious plant in the Reserve. For a longtime the scientists have been trying to explain why that Fur-tree can be found only in that small corner of the world. Even Kamchatka's aborigines considered the grove to be a reserve.

The Pearl of Kronotsky Reserve is the Valley of Geysers, a real attraction for every guest of Kamchatka.
In 2001 the famous geographic discovery of T.I. Ustinova celebrated its 60 anniversary. It was S.P. Krasheninnikov who first described the gushing boiling springs in the southern part of Kamchatka. But "the sleeping beauty" was waiting for the chance. The way to the valley was blocked by the growths of gigantic herbs, cedor and alder trunks, which were closely interwoven. These places are uninhabited till present time.

The helicopter flies round the Karymsky and Semyachik volcanoes. . And in the canyon there are yellow outcrops of the slopes, the winding Geysernaya River on the bottom, the steaming grounds, and the white gushes of the fountains. The geysers are located here for about 5 km. along the stream of the Geysernaya River, starting with First Born (Pervenets) and up to Verkhniye geysers of Tripple Waterfall.

Among hot springs, the geysers take a peculiar place. The periods of their rest yield to the periods of stommy activity, each of them has its own time of work.

This phenomenon is as beautiful as rare. Big geysers are located only in Island, in the Yellowstone park of the USA and in New Zealand, some small geysers - in California, Japan, and in the Tibet. But there is hardly a place in the world where such a variety of magnificent gushing springs can be found in so small a compass as in the Valley of Geysers.

The Volley of Geysers is a specially protected area, included in Kronotsky State Biospheric Reserve, only tourist groups can visit this place today. The wooden floorings for hiking tours are specially constructed for them here.

All geysers are different, they are not alike. Tripple geyser is peculiar by its grayishbrown color of the geyserite and by three griffons; Sugary Geyser has a form of the big lily- flower, Bolshoy Geyser has the highest fountain, Maly Geyser is the most powerful in the amount of water it erupts during 24 hours. Giant Geyser staggers by its mightiness.

The wealth of forms and colors of the Valleys of Geysers is created not only with the help of the whimsical cliffs and precipices, vegetation, water and steam fountains, waterfalls, and geyserite cones but also by the thermofilic algae and bacteria developing in any place, where the jet of water appears.

The gushing of the hot spring is the result of a lot of factors: the form and depth of the subterranean channel, the pressure, the flow of the cold waters, the amount of the overheated steam. Geysers' activity also depends on the amount of surfacewaters, for instance precipitation, penetrating into the depths of the ground. Steam and gas, separating from the magmatic heart warm the water, it boils and erupts into the surface through the ground cracks.


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