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Avacha Bay

Avacha BayThey think that Avacha Bay is one of the biggest and the easiest. They say, that all vessels of the world may place in Avacha Bay. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was established in 1740 year, occupying more then 20km in length lane of the north beach of Avacha Bay. If one looks at  Petropavlovsk from the scenery view site in the Petrovskaya or Mishennaya hills, he will see the city-bird, throwing its wings along the shores of beautiful Avacha Bay. The history of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is tightly connected with Avacha Bay. The relief of the surrounding  shores, turning the harbour into the natural fortress. From the north the bay and the city is surrounded by Avachinskaya group volcano; from the south - by Vilyuchinky volcano and steamed Mutnovka. The gate to the bay is two capes: Bezimyanny and Mayachny. At the enter to the Avacha Bay you see bright rocky coasts, kekurs (lonely cliffs sticking out of the water that were formed in the result of weathering), guards of city of Petropavlovsk - Three Brothers rocks. During storm in the Ocean Avacha Bay services a dock for vessels which come to wait till bad weather is over. Two big rivers Avacha and Paratunka flow into he bay.


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General director – Alexsey  Gavrilov
Vice director – Victor Lisienko