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Avacha Volcano

Avacha VolcanoAvachinsky Volcano (over 2750 m.), witch overlooks Petropavlovsk, has erupted at least 16 times since 1737. In 1787 the French explorer Jean-Francios de Galaup La Perouse become the first person to climb Avachinsky Volcano. The most recent eruption in 1991 produced lava flows, a dome, and mudflows. The volcano has a compound structure of the Somma-Vesuvius type: it consists of two parts: somma (the main part of the volcano, the remains of the ancient exploded volcano) and the cone. The diameter of the somma is more than 4 km. It is destroyed and opened in the southwest. Its eastern, undestroyed part has the absolute height of 2317 m. The modern cone has the regular shape; there is a crater on the top whose fumarolic work is very active.

At the foot of the volcano at an altitude of 800 m there is the base camp. A little higher a mountain ski base is situated. The volcano is interesting from the point of view of alpinism and mountain skiing. The ascending route is very easy (type 1), i.e. to ascend it in summertime there is no need of special equipment. With weather permitting, any one in reasonably good shape can ascend Avacha volcano and it is very popular among the Russians as well as foreign visitors.  








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