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Mutnovsky volcano

Near Mutnovsky volcanoMutnovsko-Gorelovskaya group attracts special attention. It's located in 80km to the south of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.  Volcanoes located on the massive plateau with its average high are 1000m. This district is rather reach for natural thermal springs. Along the valleys of rivers coming down from the plateau some groups of springs are located: Dachnie, Zhirovskie, Voinovskie, Rodnikovy. Close to north Mutnovsky slope and Dachnie hot springs is built and worked big Mutnovskaya Geothermal Station which gives energy to the towns and villages of Kamchatka.

Mutnovsky volcano (2322 km) often shows volcanic gas and steam clouds. Vapor puffs rise with whistle over boreholes to the sky. Mutnovsky volcanoMutnovsky volcano isn't such beautiful like it neighbor Vilyuchinsky volcano, but its 4 coalescent craters with glaciers and fumarole jets are very attractive. Its fumarole fields with bright yellow sulphur bubbles are great! Here and there are, under our feet the fissures with gas-vapor jets, raging mud pots, funnels, hot springs. Vulkannaya river cuts the lopes and bottom of north crater and fall down with a huge ravine 80m waterfall to the Opasny Canyon. Mutnovsky volcano showed its activity  not long ago. In spring 2001 after vapor-gas explosion, has large twin craters with glaciers lakes in them. The gravel road to get to Mutnovsky's slopes with jeep only opens about mid-July and closed again due to snow by the end of September or early October.


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