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Classic of the South of Kamchatka

# 001

(Vilyuchinskiye hot springs -Mutnovsky volcano - Gorely volcano - Avachinsky volcano - helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers - boat trip on Avacha Bay - excursion along Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky )

Koryakskaya sopkaThis fascinating trip gives you full impression about the nature of Kamchatka: the endless waters of the Pacific Ocean, giant grasses, berries and mushrooms, rapid rivers and also majestic power of active volcanoes. We will make ascents of the Gorely and Mutnovsky active volcanoes and trekking to the Vilyuchinskiye hot springs area. The most responsible and intensive trekking is the trekking to the "domestic" Avachinsky volcano. It takes persistence and endurance. High-speed launch will bring us to the famous Avacha bay. The ending part of the tour  - helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers. It was discovered in 1941 and still attracts tourists. The valley is a beautiful landscape of multi-colored mineralized rock faces, against verdant green and abundant wildflowers. The helicopter flies round the Karimsky and Maly  Semyachik volcanoes.

Type of the trip: combine
Days: 9 days/ 8 nights
Time: July 15th - September 10th
Price – negotiated price

Gorely volcano

Day 1. Meeting at the airport Elizovo. Transfer to the recreation base, lodging in the rooms for 2 persons of the double block with common toilet room.  Accommodation, resting and swimming in the pool with hot thermal water.  Paratunka is the recreation zone which is located in 30 km  from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatky. Its territory is about 30 km lies along the Paratunka River and its tributaries. It is crossed by the motor-way. Many rest homes, recreation bases, sanatoriums and Children's Camp are here. It is famous for a great number of hot thermal springs. Each sanatorium, rest home, recreation base has its own swimming pool.

Day 2.  We start at 10.30 and drive  to Viluchinskiye hot springs by truck. Viluchinskiye hot springs locate in the upper part of the Vilyuchi river not far from the foot of the Vilyuchinskiy  volcano. During the descent to the valley tourists see a 20-m waterfall in the canyon of the river Vilyuchi. Natural pools are located on the down part of springs. At the beginning of the descent tourists continuous they trip down by foot about 30-40 min. Rest and bathe in the hot springs. Then tourists drive to the foot of Mutnovsky volcano (2324m). We set up our camp. Mutnovsky volcano is famous for its colossal crater in the form of an ellipse that permits us to go inside easily without ascending to the top of Mutnovsky. It shows a strong fumarole activity inside. Even in the calm period the volcano excretes large amount of energy in the form of gases, sulfur outcrops and numerous powerful thermal springs, boiling water and mud pots. On the northwestern slopes of the volcano geothermal electric station of 150 MW is under construction at present. In the crater we observe fumarole fields, acid lake and active funnel. Overnight in tents in the base camp.

Day 3. Walking excursion to the crater of active Mutnovsky volcano here one  can see the biggest fumarolic fields,  the outcrop of native sulphur and mud cauldrons. On the back way we have a walking excursion to the Opasny Canyon - a huge ravine with 42 m waterfall inside (totally 7-8 hours). Overnight in tents.

Tri Brata (Three Brothers)Day 4. Early in the morning we drive to the foot of Gorely volcano (1829m) and start the ascending of one of the active craters with bright acid lake inside it. In the east part of this massive the most beautiful and the biggest crater  "Golyboe ozero" (Blue Lake) is located. Its depth is 150-200m and 500m in diameter.  The crater  "Golyboe ozero" is  full of water. At present the volcano has 11 craters. If the weather permits we will walk around some craters. From the summit we may have good chances to observe fantastic panorama of enormous caldera of the Gorely volcano that, as well as its numerous craters on the summit and fresh lava streams up to 15 km long, narrate about complicated and wild history of Gorely, Mutnovsky, Viluchinsky, Opala, Asacha and Khodutka volcanoes. The descent usually takes less time. Overnight in tents.

5,6 and 7 day: Next day tourists move in area of settlement Malki, having visited on way Malki thermal springs which are located on the small thermal platform covered Pebble. Here 6 groups of griffins in which thermal water mixs up with cold water of the river proceeding by a number are located. Preparation for an alloy. Travel on the river proceeds 3 full days. The route is technically simple and not dangerous. Beautiful mountain and wood landscapes, magnificent fishing on salmon and a fire with ear will make your rest pleasant and substantial. Extent of a floatable part of a route of 120 km. Upon termination of an alloy returning in a Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka.

8 day: Sea excursion on Avacha bay. Spending the night in hotel.

9 day: Free day. Interested persons can order in addition helicopter excursion in the Valley of Geysers. Spending the night in hotel.

The following is included:

  • all transportation
  • services of the attending personal (a guide, a cook, an interpreter)
  • accommodation in the recreation base and hotel, reservation of the room
  • registration, payment of license, any fees
  • camping gear except sleeping bag and mat
  • full board en route
  • 2 hrs excursion along Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, tickets to the Museum of Regional Studies, 3 hrs marine excursion along Avacha Bay

The following is not included:

  • Alcoholic beverages. Cigarette, post's services, avia tickets, insuarance, helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers

Accommodation on the route for 2-, 3-, 4- persons of the tents, at the route you are offered fresh prepared  dishes. We provide all camping gear except sleeping bag and mat.

Note: This itinerary is a guide only. Any day's schedule can be changed at the group's request or according to the weather conditions.
Additional information:
Each tourist is necessary  to haverucksack, sleeping bag and sleeping mat; a spoon, a cup;  walking boots must be well broken-in, of correct fit and comfortable to give the ankle support, proofing wax, waterproofs (jacket and trousers), socks, thick sweater/fleece jacket, wool or polarfleece hat and sunhat/visor, gloves,  sunglasses/sun protection/sunblock,  insect repellent and a Mosquito Net, your personal belongings
Children under 16 years old travel only with their parents or person. This tour isn't recommended for persons who need doctor's control or treatment.

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