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Climate of Kamchatka

Zhupanovskaya sopkaKamchatka climate is very specific.
There can hardly be found its analogy all over Russia or even the whole world. It is stipulated by rare combination of different climatic zones: maritime, sharp-continental, alpine and characterized by frequently changeable weather, strong winds, considerable precipitation and long winters with much snow.

The annual precipitation differs from 400 mm in the north to 1200 mm in the South-East.
The longest period of summer in the South is from 4 to 5 months. Average monthly temperature:
May: + 8 -10oŃ (46 - 50oF);
June: + 10 -15oŃ (50 -59oF);
July: +15 -25oŃ (59 -77oF);
August: +15 -25oŃ (59 -77oF);
September: +10 -15oŃ (50 -59oF);
October: +5 -10oŃ (41 -50oF).
The sudden changes in temperature can happen not only within twenty-four hours but within a day. So, in 1956 the temperature rose by 36oC in Milkovo (central part of Kamchatka) within twenty-four hours from Jan 7 to Jan 8. There were registered cases when the temperature rose by 10o within half an hour.

The most convenient time for trekking tours and rafting down by Kamchatka rivers is from June to the middle of October.



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